Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's Almost Over!

Summer, that is.  Let's take a moment to mourn all the books, crafts, recipes, naps, road trips, and school work that did NOT get accomplished this summer as I had planned.


I'm not too sad though.  I'm very excited about a new school year with new students.  I hope that I am getting more into the swing of things this year than ever before.  We teachers are reporting back for duty this coming Tuesday.  Our students will be arriving on the 19th!  Monday I am going to the school to start assembling my room.  I spent almost two hours with a die-cut machine this afternoon.  If not for my husband, I would've been there double time!  I'm so thankful that he is willing (not so eager, but WILLING) to help me do all of my school errands.

I have to admit, even though I love teaching 6th grade, seeing all of my Facebook friends' elementary rooms makes me wish I was only going to have a set of 25 kids for the entire year.  But I enjoy getting to know so many students each year.  Hopefully I will make a positive impact on each of them in different ways.

In other news, I got a new laptop for my birthday back in February.  I have yet to move my files from my old MacBook to the new laptop, so I have spent the better part of a week doing just that.  I had to reformat my external hard drive, which caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth on my part.  I have 20 GB of pictures, which had to be moved 2 GB at a time into DropBox, from DropBox into a folder on my desktop... reformat the hard drive, and now move the files back on there.  TIME. CONSUMING.  But I am obsessive with keeping old pictures, documents, etc. so it is worth it.  I'm currently formatting my old Mac so that I can send it off to Gazelle and at least get a little spending cash out of something that's just sitting around the house.

Between now and Monday, I am going to squeeze in as much summer fun as I can!  (And I'm going to write lesson plans.  And clean the apartment well.  And do laundry. And...)

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